The ScienceHumanities Initiative at Cardiff University has been awarded a Wellcome Trust Small Grant in Humanities and Social Science to fund an innovative programme of interdisciplinary events over the next three years.

Entitled ‘Building and Interrogating Relationships between the Medical Humanities and Humanities Approaches to the Sciences’, the programme offers a series of regional workshops and international colloquia to place humanities approaches to medicine and health in sustained and productive dialogue with humanities approaches to other sciences and technologies. Our aim is to generate further research that transforms our methodologies and enables us to meet future challenges to our understanding of medicine and health. The funding also facilitates the continuation of the highly successful ScienceHumanities postgraduate Summer School, which brings PhD students from a variety of disciplines and from across the world to Cardiff University for an intensive week of interdisciplinary activity.

Co-directors of the initiative—Professor Martin Willis, Professor Keir Waddington and Dr Jamie Castell—will be leading on the delivery of this programme over the course of the three years with themed events on ‘Populations’ (2018-19), ‘Energies’ (2019-20) and ‘Healthy Futures’ (2020-21). The ScienceHumanities Initiative is based in the School of English, Communication and Philosophy and the School of History, Archaeology and Religion, but involves colleagues from a variety of other disciplines at Cardiff University, as well as a number of international partners (including Duke University’s Center for Interdisciplinary Studies in Science and Cultural Theory, the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, and the University of Bremen).

If you are interested in learning more or in getting involved with the ScienceHumanities Initiative, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by email (,,

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