Special Issue: ‘Defining the ScienceHumanities’

We are delighted to announce the publication of a special issue of the Journal of Literature and Science, entitled ‘Defining the ScienceHumanities’ and edited by James Castell, Martin Willis, and Keir Waddington.

With contributions from scholars in a wide range of disciplines and from across the world, the issue proposes, defines, and explores a new terrain for thinking about the points of connection and resistance between the humanities and the sciences: the ScienceHumanities. Organized around triangulations, speculations, and practices, the special issue investigates an ambitious range of approaches that inform the ScienceHumanities and also offers a manifesto for new modes of thinking and new ways of collaborative working.

Open access to the issue is available at the following link, http://www.literatureandscience.org/volume-10-issue-2-2017/.

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