Past Home Events

18 June 2019

Cardiff-Duke ScienceHumanities Symposium

20 May – 24 May 2019

ScienceHumanities International Summer School

10 April 2019

ScienceHumanities Populations Workshop

November 2018

James Castell & Keir Waddington, Roundtable, The ScienceHumanities, British Society for Literature and Science Postgraduate Conference

October 2018

Keir Waddington, Frankenfest, Cardiff University

September 2018

James Castell, Frankenstein, BBC Beyond Belief (

May 2018

ScienceHumanities International Summer School

May 2018

Keir Waddington & Martin Willis, The Moonstone, BookTalk, Cardiff University

March 2018

James Castell, Martin Willis & Keir Waddington, The ScienceHumanities, Centre for Environmental Humanities, Bristol

January 2018

Martin Willis & Keir Waddington, Talks in support of ‘Drawing Bipolarity’, Exhibition opening, Insole Court, Cardiff

2-3 December 2016

ScienceHumanities International Colloquium, Cardiff University

18 November 2016

Talk: Martin Willis, ‘The Visual History of Seizures: Exhibitions and Talks’

17 October 2016

Talk: Martin Willis, Keir Waddington and Becky Spear, ‘Pain and Prejudice: Women and Science in the Romantic Era’

9 March 2016

Seminar: Sam Goodman, “Alcoholism in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children

3 March 2016

Medical Education Journals Reading Group (and ongoing across the year)

2 February 2016

Seminar: Sally Shuttleworth, “Diseases of Modern Life”

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