Covid Future Narratives Project

Covid Future Narratives is a research project led by the ScienceHumanities Initiative.

Covid Future Narratives is curating a corpus of narratives focussed on imagining the world post-coronavirus pandemic. Read more on the project’s aims and findings below.

Introducing the Covid Future Narratives Project

Our Covid Future Narratives project starts with a question: how is coronavirus and the pandemic it has generated influencing the ways we imagine the future? We are collecting narratives produced across a range of genres during the last eighteen months that focus on imagining a post-pandemic future. Here we discuss a selection of those we have found so far, offering a sense of the people and genres engaged…Read more Introducing the Covid Future Narratives Project

‘Build Back Better’: Narratives of Covid and Climate

Many commentators have argued that the Covid-19 pandemic, the climate emergency and the destruction of nature are inextricably linked. The virus has been seen as a last warning for society to change course, a harbinger of future crises to come, or the latest episode in an ongoing and escalating breakdown. More optimistically, the resulting pandemic has been interpreted as a moment of transformative change, an example of the speed at which nations can act…Read more ‘Build Back Better’: Narratives of Covid and Climate

Vigil: Coronavirus fiction?

The coronavirus pandemic has been reported extensively on TV news over the last eighteen months, but it is curious that it has not been examined more in TV drama. UK mainstream TV programmes such as Silent Witness and Vera, both of which returned to our screens over the last few weeks, have essentially ignored the pandemic. And in soaps, where the effects of coronavirus…Read more Vigil: Coronavirus fiction?